Project management, design and surveying

Our design team can take you from pre-planning, through to the planning and design stage, all the way through to project completion. Having our design team in house allows us to carefully cater to all of your needs whilst keeping a careful eye on the budget, knowing exactly what costs are involved in each design change.

Our clients demand innovative and efficient design, but also a contractor that can deliver on time and to budget. Our project managers work very closely with all of our clients from the outset to completion, creating a streamlined, hassle free project delivery.


Keeping up with technology is crucial in todays environment. This is why we utilise the latest GPS and laser control systems from Topcon to ensure accurate pricing and millimetre perfect results on site.

Radar detection helps us locate and trace underground services enabling us to better plan works whilst drainage cameras enable us to locate problem areas and blockages unobtrusively. They also allow us to provide visual proof that all work has been done correctly.

All of the above means that at the end of each project we can provide you the customer with pin point accurate drawings of all underground service’s showing exactly which services go where and at what depths making future work and fault finding a whole lot cheaper and easier.

Below are just some of the services we can offer:

  • Topographical surveys
  • Drainage camera surveys
  • Elevation drawings
  • Contour plans
  • Service drawings
  • Existing building surveys